Entrepreneurs, executives and marketing consultants alike agree that a lot of factors need to be kept in mind when creating a Corporate Logo.

Industry Specific Corporate Logos

Having a Corporate Logo that reflects the industry norm is desirable as such efforts to associate heavily with the industry makes a company more attractive to prime customers.

The Desired Icon

This is the most important thing to consider when choosing a design for your Corporate Logo. Entrepreneurs should take careful consideration and take into account factors like business objectives, target markets, as well as competitor images and get an idea of what kind of logo should be desired. For instance a new sports retailer would prefer a more athletic and bold logo rather than a classic one. On the other hand, an insurance or asset management company would seek a logo that signifies stability and trustworthiness.

The Cost Side

Creating a logo can be expensive and potentially affects the entire scope of a corporation’s operation. From business cards to company equipment and trucks, the same corporate logo is printed everywhere and it defines the company in a certain way. A visually attractive logo is a viable option even with the costs of designing one since they help attract more attention from customers. A large number of logo services companies have come up over the last five years offering high quality logos at reasonable prices to startup companies and big businesses alike.

The Age of a Logo and Longevity

A logo should stand the test of time.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses should look for timeless, classic designs and not rely too much on marketing gimmicks as well as passing fads which are only useful in the near term. A typical corporate logo should last for at least five to ten years.

Flexible and Ever-Green Logos

Corporate Logos need to be highly flexible so that they can be used with different marketing methods such as billboards, brochures, letterheads and television ads. Corporate logos are valuable visual icons as they express the mission and personality of a company and are thus a critical component for success.