Corporate logos usually consist of a symbol and are designed for easy and effortless recognition.

They are used to represent companies and function as Corporate Identity marks.

Logos can be found everywhere and can be seen on almost all branded materials including store signs, equipment, and stationary, company publications, business cards and employee uniforms.

Effective company logos are considered to be one of the most important parts of corporate image building efforts.

Therefore, many marketing gurus strongly believe that badly designed and conceived logos are an impediment to a business's appeal to its customers and hence results in poor results in the market.


From owners of startup companies to CEOs of blue chip companies, all smart managers understand the important role played in the success of a business by Corporate logos.

Companies and businesses which are often perceived as innovative and smart by their customers achieve this status partly because of the way they present themselves.

Corporate logos represents one such tool that businesses and companies can use to shape a positive image of themselves to their customers.